Providing professional Tree care service since 1980 Hometree Inc.. Healthy and great looking Trees increase your property value, contributes to your sense of well being and reduces stress. As well improves air quality and reduces noise polution

In addition to our excellent reputation, we have a highly qualified and experienced staff. We are committed in providing quality services in tree cutting, pruning, and trimming using only the best tools in industry along with well maintained machinery.

Safety and Security

At Hometree Inc. our team of experts have a great knowledge in tree maintenances has well as an adequate safety training where they interpret it in the field regularly. Indeed, maintenance of trees is a job with high risk (working at height, electrical lines, dangerous equipment, etc..). That is why it is important to require that only experienced employees doing the work using only the appropriate protective equipment and well maintained tools.

Hometree Inc. is provided for all types of incidents. In addition, the liability of our employees is covered by the CSST.

A work area

which is hazardous free, both for the staff and clients

Each tree maintenance work requires a risk assessment, so that the team can plan safety measures to be assessed beofre beginng any job. Our staff conducts a site inspection to detect any hazards, for example, such as the hidden wiring and electrical wiring or the presence of biting insects. Ounce they begin work, the pruner identifies other potential risks. In this case, workers adjust to the situation and always in accordance with safety standards. If in any situation it becomes too risky, the team continues to work until a solution is considered safe.

In summary, Hometree Inc. will make every effort to ensure that the environment in which the work is done remains safe.