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Who are we?

Providing professional Tree care service since 1980 Hometree Inc.. Healthy and great looking Trees increase your property value, contributes to your sense of well being and reduces stress. As well improves air quality and reduces noise polution

Quality service

In addition to our excellent reputation, we have a highly qualified and experienced staff. We are committed in providing quality services in tree cutting, pruning, and trimming using only the best tools in industry along with well maintained machinery.

Did you know?

Poor maintenance of your trees can result in taking several years to recover afterwards.

Safety comes first!

A responsible arborist always has good insurance, that is why Hometree is covered for all types of incidents. In addition, the liability of our employees is covered by the CSST.

Did you know?

If you hire an uninsured business and not governed by the CSST, you
will be held responsible for any injuries or accidents.